Child Services

Child Life Services Fund (Ascension St. John Hospital) - This program provides psychological support for pediatric patients and their families to help reduce stress and anxiety associated with hospitalization. Child Life Services oversees the Pediatric Playroom, which provides therapeutic play and medical play opportunities to cope with illness. Your gift will be used to purchase craft supplies, developmental toys and various play items to help normalize the hospital environment and promote coping.

I want to support the Child Life Services Fund

Children’s Addiction Prevention Program (Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery) - With your donation, you are helping a child affected by the drug or alcohol addiction of a parent or other family member. Your gift will help cover the costs directly associated with this program, including staff salaries and wages.

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Audrey Marino Pediatric Rehab Fund (Ascension Providence Hospital, Novi) - Your gift will help provide physical therapy for a pediatric patient whose parents do not have the financial resources to obtain these services needed to help their child.

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Meade Family Van Elslander Cancer Center (VECC) Pediatric Oncology Fund (Ascension St. John Hospital) - You are helping a child who is suffering from cancer or a blood disorder when you support this fund. Your gift helps provide a multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis, treatment and total care of a child and their family.

I want to support The Meade Family VECC Pediatric Oncology Fund