Your Dollars at Work - August 2021

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A transplant patient with a drug resistant infection was not hospitalized or sent to a nursing home for his nine week course of IV antibiotics because of you. Thank you for helping a transplant patient in need recover at home!

Your gift to the Lincoln Healthcare Endowment covered the prescription copay for this patient to have the care he needed in his home. This allowed the immuno-compromised patient to stay safe at home during his treatment, thus reducing the risk of infection from a long hospitalization or admission to a nursing home.

A member of the transplant team at Ascension St. John Hospital gave this testimonial, “Having access to this fund allows the transplant team to provide the best level of care possible for a patient, even when there are significant financial barriers.”

(Fund: Lincoln Healthcare Endowment)

Your gift helped diagnose and treat 20 patients in Kenya, each suffering from a debilitating condition of the ear. The otologic surgical procedures performed were life-changing and would not have been possible without you – thank you!

Donations to the Otology Reserve Fund helped cover expenses for our physicians to participate in an otology mission trip to Kenya. You are the hero for those 20 patients who had nowhere else to turn for help. They are truly grateful for the care and treatment they received.

The Ascension Providence physicians who performed these life-changing otologic procedures were thankful for the opportunity to use their skills to help those in desperate need. The mission trip was extremely rewarding on a professional and personal level.

(Fund: Otology Reserve)

Your gift to the Caregiver Support Fund helped associates with a financial crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for your support at a time when it was needed most.

Gifts supported Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital associate wellness initiatives and provided monetary support during a financial crisis for associates in need. More than $17,000 in financial hardship assistance was provided for rent payments, car payments and more! Our associates also received grab-and-go healthy snacks, Jet’s Pizza, and Beyond Juicery meals at the height of the COVID surge.

To support this fund at Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital, please click this link and select “Caregiver Support Fund” from the drop-down menu. Thank you in advance for your gift!


In honor of National Dog Day (August 26, 2021), will you support a therapy dog at one of your local Ascension hospitals?

Your gift will be used for food, medication, veterinary care and other Therapy Dog Program related costs. You will be helping a patient who is suffering and lonely. A therapy dog can help a patient in the following ways: reduce stress, lower blood pressure, ease fear, help cope with isolation and depression...and more.

You can chose to support a therapy dog at any of the following locations:
East Region Therapy Dog Program: Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital, Warren and Madison Heights; Ascension River District Hospital and Ascension St. John Hospital
West Region Therapy Dog Program: Ascension Providence Hospital, Novi and Southfield; and Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery

Please make your gift in support of a therapy dog today!