Your Dollars at Work - May 2021

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Your support through the Believe in Miracles Fund helped more than 170 patients in 2020! Thank you for helping a cancer patient when needed most!

Last year, more than $56,800 in financial assistance was provided to cancer patients going through treatment at the Ascension Providence Cancer Center (Southfield) and the Assarian Cancer Center (Novi). Thank you!

Your donations helped pay utility bills; provided food and nutritional drinks; made transportation to treatments possible; covered auto insurance premiums and paid for car repairs; provided prescription medications and durable medical equipment not covered by insurance, and more.

Here is a breakdown of how your gifts supported patients’ needs in 2020:

  • Utilities: $23,984
  • Gift cards for food, clothes and gas: $9,504
  • Insurance premiums for health, auto and home: $7,581
  • Water: $4,434
  • Phone service: $3,879
  • Nutritional drinks such as Ensure, Boost and Glucerna: $1,901
  • Medical equipment and supplies: $1,269
  • Dental expenses: $1,059
  • Prescription medications: $1,007
  • Auto repairs: $600
  • Counseling: $618
  • Ambulance transportation: $370
  • Condo fees: $345
  • Hotel cost for patients: $114
  • Bedding: $93
  • Birth certificate costs: $77

(Fund: Believe in Miracles Fund)

Grateful mom in tears after her 4-month-old baby girl receives a cranial-molding helmet. Your gift helped change a life forever!

Your donation to the Nothdurft Pediatric Endowment provided this life-changing helmet to a family in need. Thank you! When the family’s medical insurance denied coverage for the expensive cranial-molding helmet, the Physical Therapy staff at Ascension St. John Hospital knew that help was available through the Nothdurft Pediatric Endowment.

Receiving the desperately needed helmet provided this child with the opportunity for significant reductions, or the possible elimination, of a jaw misalignment, facial asymmetry and head deformity. Within two months of using the molding helmet, the baby girl showed great improvement and her deficits were noticeably reduced.

The little girl’s mother is extremely happy with the outcome of her child’s intervention. She is very thankful to the Physical Therapy staff and to those who donated to the Nothdurft Pediatric Endowment for helping her family at a time when it was needed most.

(Fund: Nothdurft Pediatric Endowment)

Generous donations to the Michael and Rose Assarian Cancer Center made an update to a family conference room possible. Thank you for making a difference!

The conference room, located at Ascension Providence Hospital, Novi, is used by families of oncology and hospice patients. The room provides a private space for families and staff to meet away from the patient's bedside, for family discussions and to help patient’s loved ones with their own self-care and need to re-energize.

The worn carpet tiles were removed and replaced with durable non-carpet flooring. In addition, the old fabric furniture, which was worn and stained from spills, was replaced with new furniture that can be easily wiped and sanitized if food or beverages are spilled.

A small refrigerator and microwave were also placed in the conference room for use by families who bring in nutritional items from home. These small improvements make a huge difference, especially when patients’ families stay for long periods of time or do not want to leave the unit and be too far away from their hospitalized loved ones.

(Fund: Michael & Rose Assarian Cancer Center)

You can help a person who is struggling with addiction

With alcohol and drug addiction, you can lose your job, your family and your friends...destroying what took a lifetime to build. This is the reality for a person who doesn't have a safe place to live while receiving the care and treatment they need – addiction can take everything away.

But you can help change a person’s reality to one of independence, structure and sober living through the Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery’s halfway house aftercare fund. The cost to cover a patient’s stay at Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery’s halfway house is $60. Your gift provides room and board, around-the-clock care, group therapy sessions and programs for one day.

Please be a hero and help a patient who is struggling with addiction. Your gift to the Patient Aftercare Extended Fund could save a patient's life. You will be helping a patient receive the care and treatment they so desperately need.

Please give today - the need is urgent