Your Dollars at Work - October 2021

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Unparalleled care, new exercise equipment and increased patient safety!

This was all made possible because of you! When you chose to support the Gretchen Valade Heart and Vascular Endowment at Ascension St. John Hospital, you made a lifesaving difference for a patient!

Your donated dollars were put to work immediately and helped purchase a new Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging system that uses light waves to produce micrometer-resolution images. Doctors and associates now have the ability to see coronary arteries in 10 times more detail over intravascular ultrasound; it’s like looking under a microscope!

This new technology helps physicians to identify physiological and anatomical features that would otherwise not be visible. Patient outcomes are improving because conditions are being diagnosed earlier.

Your donation also helped purchase exercise equipment and a transport monitor for cardiac rehabilitation patients. The new equipment provides patients with a safer way to exercise using the latest ergonomic designs. The transport monitor is used for our most critical patients who have invasive pressure lines. Associates can now monitor a patient’s blood pressure continuously as they are transported. Thank you!

(Fund: Gretchen Valade Heart and Vascular Endowment)

Your support of the Believe in Miracles Fund at Ascension Providence Hospital, Southfield, was used to help a cancer patient experiencing a financial crisis.

Collectively, your generous donations helped 91 patients at the Ascension Providence Cancer Center. Thank you for being a hero for a patient in need!

Your gifts helped cancer patients facing financial hardships. A few of the covered expenses included utility bills, food and nutritional drinks, transportation to treatments, auto insurance premiums and car repairs. Your donations also helped with prescription medications and durable medical equipment not covered by their health insurance.

Patient Testimonials:
“If I had not received help with my utility and water bills, my heat and water would have been shut off while I was in treatment.”

“I was unable to afford the out-of-pocket cost of my diabetes medication. The Believe in Miracles Fund paid the co-pay so I could get my insulin.”

“The help I received for my car repair has allowed me to be independent in getting treatment and to see my doctor.”

(Fund: Believe in Miracles Fund at the Ascension Providence Cancer Center)


Your gifts to the Van Elslander Neuroscience Center of Excellence Fund made the purchase of a new instrument washer a reality. Thank you for this much-needed and essential equipment! With your help, physicians and residents can now focus their precious time on training and continuing education. Thank you!

The new instrument washer is used daily in the Van Elslander Surgical Innovation Center, located at Ascension Providence Hospital, Novi. At the center, procedural anatomy training regularly takes place for residents and fellows in the orthopedic and general surgery programs. Now, the sterilization of instruments can be done in the training center instead of transporting the instruments to Sterile Processing.

Your gift continues to benefit the education of residents and fellows as well as the continuing education of practicing physicians from several different specialties!

Associate Testimonial: “The instrument washer has saved us hours of time transporting instrumentation to Sterile Processing. Additionally, it has led to the reduction in workload for the staff of the Sterile Processing department.”

(Fund: Van Elslander Neuroscience Center of Excellence)

Will you help a woman in need of a lifesaving mammogram during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

A woman diagnosed with breast cancer is more likely to die if she is uninsured or underinsured because she didn't have access to early detection through a mammogram screening and reading.

The cost to cover an entire screening and reading for one woman is $200.

Your help is needed now. There is a shortfall in funds to support the Because We Care breast cancer program for women in need of a screening and reading but unable to afford one. Please consider making a lifesaving gift today!

Your gift at one of the levels listed below is critical:

  • $50 - helps a woman in need
  • $100 - covers half the cost of a mammogram
  • $200 - covers the cost of one mammogram
  • $400 - covers the cost of two mammograms
  • $1,000 - covers the cost of five mammograms

Please click here to make your gift today - the need is urgent!