Annual Giving

Have you considered how you can make a difference in someone's life? How you can assist a patient with cancer? A family with a critically ill child? A person with no health insurance? By making a gift to our Annual Fund, you can reach thousands of patients and families each year and make a positive impact on their lives.

The Annual Fund supports priority needs throughout our local hospitals and entities. Whether you choose to make a gift to a specific hospital or program or to make an undesignated gift, your support helps to provide comfort and care to all who come through our doors.

Support from community assists many people

One patient who benefited from the generosity of our donors through the Care of the Poor Fund at Ascension Providence Hospital was a 57-year-old, single man with four grown children. The patient was employed full time as a security guard and able to live independently in a small apartment. However, his employer did not offer health insurance as a benefit, and he was unable to pay for private health insurance. So when the man was diagnosed with gastric bleeding and a pituitary tumor, he turned to the Thea Bowman Community Health Center, sponsored by Ascension SE Michigan, for help. 
Through the Care of the Poor Fund, the patient received outpatient and inpatient testing, surgery and intensive care services at no cost. Today, he is feeling well and has returned to work. He is very grateful for the assistance.

Your gift, together with those of other supporters, can help those in need like the man here.

Donors like you are recognized on donor walls and in various ways throughout the year.

Making a gift to Annual Fund is easy

It's easy to make a gift. You can:

  • Make a gift online
  • Mail a gift using the printable donation form. Send it to:
    Ascension St. John and Providence Foundations
    19251 Mack. Ave., Suite 102
    Detroit, MI 48236
  • By Fax: Use the printable donation form and submit with credit card information via fax to: 313-343-7487.
  • Call:  Heidi Crisman, Annual Giving Coordinator, at 248-465-4511. 

For more information on making a gift, please contact Heidi Crisman at 248-465-4511 or