Your Dollars at Work - Jan. 2021

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New artwork improves the patient experience and helps with associate morale

Your donations to the Cancer Center Capital Needs and Education fund made it possible to purchase new artwork for the Oncology Unit at Ascension Providence Hospital, Southfield. The entire unit was refreshed – outdated wallpaper was removed and new paint freshened up the area...the artwork completed the new look! Thank you!

Here is a note received from Carrie Terpay, Oncology Unit Nurse Manager:
“I can't tell you how much we are enjoying our new artwork and how much we appreciate the support obtaining it. Our unit has been through a lot of changes over the years, and I feel this addition helps us start anew. Many staff have told me how beautiful the artwork is and how happy they are we received it. It has brightened everything up and made us look new and taken care of. I have seen patients in the hallways admiring the beautiful Michigan views. It helps remind us of the beautiful state we live in and the uplifting spirit of the outdoors. The Oncology Unit now feels as if our excellent patient care is reflected in our beautiful update. Thank you!”

(Fund - Cancer Center Capital Needs and Education at Ascension Providence Hospital, Southfield)

A life changed forever: From Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery to the University of Cambridge

This note of gratitude came from a patient who received important help at a time filled with fear and despair:

“When I walked through the doors of Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery, I was terrified, embarrassed, devastated and broken. Alcoholism nearly killed me. The 10 days I spent in the Brighton rehabilitation center were truly transformative. The staff helped me to begin healing from the lowest, most traumatic moments of my life. After treatment, I stayed an additional month at the halfway house where I continued to grow and adjust to my new life in sobriety. After that, I spent a year in sober living. I also participated in an outpatient recovery program and worked with a therapist, attended meetings every day and worked with a sponsor. During this time, I was accepted into a master's program at the University of Michigan. I graduated with an MA in Southeast Asian Studies. I am now pursuing a Ph.D. in Anthropology at the University of Cambridge in England! My time at Brighton changed my life, and I am so grateful to everyone who helps to make this program what it is. Thank you all so very much!

The life-changing power of a donation to the Halfway House at Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery is real. Patients with a substance use disorder live in the Halfway House following their inpatient treatment. This structured, supervised environment is especially important for a patient who does not have a safe, supportive home environment to return to or has a history of relapse.

(Fund - Halfway House Capital Campaign at Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery)

An uninsured patient attends diabetes education classes because of you

A patient, newly diagnosed with diabetes, learned how diabetes medication works, the best time to test blood sugar levels and what to do when the target number is not met. A dietitian explained the importance of counting carbs and reading food labels, how to do both accurately, as well as ways to include favorite foods into meal plans. This patient, who does not have health insurance, was able to attend diabetes education classes because of donations received for the “Helping Our Patients in Emergencies” (HOPE) Fund, formerly known as the Tree of Hope Fund at Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital.

The patient expressed how pleased he is with his blood sugar readings and how much better he is feeling! Now, he is more relaxed with eating out and enjoying special occasions because he knows how to eat properly with diabetes.

(Fund - Helping Our Patients in Emergencies (HOPE) Fund at Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital)