Your Dollars at Work - Nov. 2020

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Newborns are sleeping safely while moms get more sleep

Your generous gifts help pregnant women by promoting early access to prenatal care leading to healthy pregnancies and babies born healthy. Your support of the Infant Mortality Program provided home visits, group support, counseling and more! Your donation also helps purchase Cribettes for the Safe Sleep Education program. Cribettes (pack ‘n plays) are given to families without a crib when they enroll in the Safe Sleep program. Because of you, a newborn baby has a safe place to sleep!

This Infant Mortality Program is able to provide education and support through donations. The infant mortality rate in Southeast Michigan is lower because of the support received for a mom in need. A pre- and post-test about safe sleep is required by the mom along with learning about proper use, set up and travel of the crib.

A mom shares her story - "My twin infants were sleeping in one crib, I thought this was best for them. But when one twin cried, the other woke up. I was struggling with my own sleep. The Safe Sleep Education program provided another crib and I watched the Safe Sleep video. Now I have peace of mind knowing that separating the twins will not cause harm. I am getting restful sleep and both twins are doing so much better in their own crib. I am grateful!"

(Fund - Infant Mortality Program)

Handmade items warm Hospice patients

Your donations helped warm Hospice patients - thank you! Yarn, thread and other materials were purchased for volunteers who knit, crochet and applique quilts/blankets, shawls, hats and mittens for patients. Hospital chaplains handed out these gifts to comfort oncology, ICU and end-of-life patients and family members. Patients with hair loss or chilled by chemotherapy and other treatments received the shawls, hats and gloves - all because of your generous donations. Last year more than 1,500 gifts warmed patients!

Patient’s family expressed gratitude - "I wondered why you asked about dad’s favorite colors...the blanket is perfect. If he could share his feelings, he would tell you that he loved it!"

(Fund - Hospice Program Support)

Cancer patients receive Care Companion binders

When you receive a cancer feels like everything is spinning out of control. Your donated dollars helped create “Care Companion” binders containing important information about cancer care, a treatment guide and space for patients to write down information specific to their treatment plan. It really helps to have everything organized in one location and you made that happen! Thank you for making a difference by providing a “Care Companion” treatment binder to newly diagnosed cancer patients.

Notes of appreciation - Many patients and their family members have expressed their appreciation for the binder! "They bring the binder with them to doctor appointments and treatment sessions. Thank you!"

(Fund - Community Cancer Fund at Ascension Providence)