Your Dollars at Work - November 2021

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Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are critical in times of serious illness or injury.

Your gift to the Emergency Services Fund strengthened the bond between our community EMS providers and the Emergency Department at Ascension Providence Hospital. Thank you!

Your gift was used to bring local EMS providers to Ascension Providence Hospital to build relationships, learn about the hospital’s capabilities and affirm our goal of caring for those in need. Your donation also provided food and snacks for our local EMS providers. Emergency healthcare in your community has improved, and stronger relationships with local EMS help to ensure that you or your loved ones receive the best care possible when needed the most.

(Fund: Emergency Services Fund)

Radiation treatments are more precise while patient satisfaction and comfort increase at Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital.

Your gift to the Shirley A. Hanson Cancer Endowment made the purchase of a new Vac-Lock™ system and wing boards possible for the Webber Cancer Center. Thank you!

The Vac-Lock system is used for the majority of radiation treatments. Now, patient positioning can be adjusted easily to ensure patients are comfortable during treatment. The system helps immobilize the patient so radiation is delivered as accurately as possible. The old system had many limitations, was messy and the chemicals used became warm.

Associates are very appreciative of the Vac-Lock system. It has given them the ability to provide a higher standard of care for our patients. Additionally, the new system is fiscally and environmentally responsible because it can be cleaned and reused.

Your gift to the Shirley A. Hanson Cancer Endowment at Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital will make a difference! Gifts benefit cancer survivorship programs and breast cancer programs offered by the Webber Cancer Center.

(Fund: Shirley A. Hanson Cancer Endowment)

Five nurses at Ascension St. John Hospital were awarded scholarships through the Fontbonne Auxiliary Nursing Scholarship Fund – thank you!

Your support of the Fontbonne Auxiliary Nursing Scholarship Fund provided the means needed for five of our Ascension St. John nurses to enhance and expand their nursing education. A total of $15,000 in scholarships was distributed because of your generosity.

The nursing associates were deeply grateful for their scholarships. Your support gave them the opportunity to further their education, elevate their professional practice and provide superior care to their patients.

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