Children's Addiction Prevention Program helps families heal

Annie’s world turned upside down in 7th grade when her father was using drugs and alcohol, creating an unsettling, stressful home environment. Her grades dropped, she began showing signs of depression and started deliberately harming herself. 

Thankfully, her mother turned to the Children’s Addiction Prevention Program at the Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery for help. This free three-day program offers educational, therapeutic and addiction prevention information and activities for kids affected by a family member’s addiction.

Working with therapists, Annie expressed feelings of sadness, fear, anger and guilt. Then, instead of blaming herself for her family’s struggles, she began to connect the issues with her father’s addiction. By listening to other kids in the program, Annie realized many children face similar challenges. Ultimately, staff members helped Annie’s mom arrange for follow-up counseling; then Annie’s father reached out for help and was admitted to Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery. The family is now in recovery.

Many children like Annie who are struggling with challenges accompanying substance abuse in their families are being helped through the Children’s Addiction Prevention Program thanks to generous donations. Significant gifts include $50,000 from the DeRoy Testamentary Foundation and $25,000 from Blair Bowman, owner of the Suburban Collection Showplace.

If you would like to make a gift to support the Children’s Addiction Prevention Program, please go to: Ways To Give, or call 248-465-5008.