Orthopedic specialty patient rooms enhance care

Patients undergoing total knee and hip replacements at Ascension River District Hospital can begin physical therapy in the privacy of their own rooms, thanks to proceeds of $68,095 from the hospital’s annual “An Evening to Share” dinner dance.

Funds supported the design and construction of two orthopedic specialty patient rooms. In this space, physical therapy staff work one-on-one with patients to assess their mobility and provide exercises that prepare them for outpatient therapy and a safe return home.

“We encourage patients to be up and mobile as much as possible and initiate basic mat table exercises,” says Mary Ann Selman, Physical Therapist. “These activities start the recovery process and give patients an idea of what to expect when they enter an outpatient therapy environment. We also make sure they can go up and down stairs so they can return home safely.

“Our care also centers on each patient’s distinct needs. If a patient needs more time to practice a certain task, we can dedicate time to address that issue. The private environment is pleasant for both staff and patients, because larger physical therapy rooms can sometimes become congested with special machines and equipment. The rooms enhance quality of care, and we really appreciate the donors who helped make them possible.”