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You can find meaningful stories of how your gifts have impacted the lives of our patients, staff and the community in our Spirit of Giving newsletters.

Ways you can make a difference today!

Your gifts help us support our caregivers, acquire the latest equipment and technology, enhance our facilities, create funds to sustain various programs and services, and so much more.

All donations stay local and support the hospital, program or initiative of your choice. Outlined below are a few priorities your contributions can help achieve at Ascension River District Hospital. These initiatives play an integral role in our ability to continue providing the best care for our patients and their families.

Emergency Center (EC)
To continue to satisfy our community needs, Ascension River District Hospital needs to expand and renovate the Emergency Center. The newly renovated EC will create the very best environment in comfort, safety, and modern accommodations for patients requiring emergent care in the community.

The expansion and renovation project will include:

  • A separate ambulance entrance to facilitate the immediate assessment of patients by placing them directly in the clinical area, away from the triage and patient waiting area
  • A dedicated emergent care walk-in entrance
  • Expansion of the waiting and registration areas
  • Enhancements to the treatment areas, creating a more modern and efficient space to care for patients
  • New furnishings
Cafeteria/Dining Room
Ascension River District Hospital would like to offer its patients, visitors and staff a more comfortable dining experience by modernizing its cafeteria kitchen and dining room. The enhanced space will offer a café-like feel featuring new kitchen equipment and dining room furniture as well as self-serve and cook-to-order stations. It will also provide a comfortable environment with ample natural light and quiet surroundings for staff and visitors to escape their hospital routines and healthcare issues, leading to greater satisfaction and better overall wellness.

Computerized Tomography (CT) Upgrade
The Diagnostic Imaging Department is essential to providing doctors with clues about a person’s medical condition. CT scans are a common type of imaging test using computers and rotating X-Ray machines to create cross-sectional 3-D images of the body. These images provide more detailed information than normal X-ray images. Your support can help the hospital purchase a new CT machine so doctors can better diagnose diseases and evaluate injuries such as cancer tumors, blood clots, fractures or other abnormalities – resulting in more timely treatment and care.

Cancer Care
  • Purchase state-of-the-art equipment for improved diagnostics, treatment and care
  • Assist patients experiencing cancer-related financial distress through bill pay assistance, so they can focus on their health and healing
  • Create endowment funds designed to ensure sustainability of various patient programs/services and/or improve the patient experience

Mission & Community Initiatives

  • HOPE (Helping Our Patients with Emergencies) Fund
  • Therapy Dog Program
  • Women’s Health Services

Make a Gift

For information on making a gift for the Emergency Center expansion and renovation, Cafeteria/Dining Room renovation, CT machine or any other program you wish to support, please call the Ascension St. John Foundation at 313-343-7480. Gifts can also be made online.