Your Dollars at Work - April 2021

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Two medical residents travel to Ethiopia with assistance from the Arthur & Carolyn Ulmer Endowed Chair of Women's Health

The Ethiopia medical rotation provides a global perspective and unique training opportunities in a third-world country. This rotation helps maximize the residents' comprehensive education, not just in medicine, but socially too.

Resident testimonial from Dr. Fatima Awan
“Traveling to Ethiopia and meeting Dr. Hamlin was a dream come true! I first heard about the Fistula Hospital in high school after watching the documentary, ‘A Walk to Beautiful.’ It inspired me to go into women's health and global health. I even wrote about it in my residency application! Having the experience of actually being there and taking part in caring for the patients was humbling and rewarding. The lessons I learned are those I will carry with me throughout my career. Thank you for providing me with this opportunity!”

(Fund: Arthur & Carolyn Ulmer Endowed Chair of Women's Health)

Pediatric Critical Care benchmarking at Ascension St. John Hospital will lead to optimum care and quality improvement initiatives for pediatric patients

Gifts to Ascension St. John Hospital have provided the dollars needed to access and participate in an international benchmarking database for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). The PICU will benchmark performance against other PICUs in North America. The data collected will lead to quality improvement initiatives specific to pediatric critical care.

Benchmarking patient care helps to identify and address patient quality issues. The PICU will use the data to provide optimum care to our most vulnerable young patients.

Physician testimonial from Dr. Jeff Clark
“Since we are just starting our participation with this database, we have no basis at Ascension St. John for testimonials yet. However, I was the database coordinator at my prior hospital which was a large freestanding children's hospital. I can attest that our participation there significantly improved our care by allowing us to identify areas of concern amongst our PICU patient population and develop strategies for improvement, as well as test and document our improvement over time.”

(Fund: Ascension St. John Hospital Pediatrics and Pediatrics ICU)

New sound machine creates a more soothing environment for patients at Ascension Providence Hospital, Southfield

Your gifts made it possible to purchase a new MRI sound-masking machine. Thank you! The Imaging department at Ascension Providence, Southfield, strategically placed the Cambridge Sound machine in key areas around Endoscopy.

This helped to lessen the MRI interference by creating a tuned frequency sound emission, resulting in a more soothing atmosphere for patients and associates. Physician satisfaction has also improved as their work room is directly adjacent to the MRI scan room.

Tracey Scott, Endoscopy Clinical Manager, said, “The installation has definitely made a positive impact on my area...especially in the surgical waiting room, conference room and the resident's room.”

(Fund: Ascension St. John and Providence Greatest Capital Needs Fund)

Yes, I want to send words of encouragement to a nurse

Nurses are working tirelessly to care for all their patients – a life's work made even more challenging over the past 15 months due to COVID-19. Nurses are physically and mentally exhausted, and your note of gratitude or encouragement can help lift their spirits.

In celebration of National Nurses Week (May 6 -12, 2021), will you write a note of thanks to an outstanding nurse or to the staff on a nursing unit? Will you also support a nurse by making a gift to the Nursing Support Fund?

Your donation will help nurses stay current with best practices through continuing education, help purchase new equipment for the nursing units, and provide special nurse recognition activities.

Your note will be shared with nurses and their units on May 6, the first day of Nurses Week. Please make a gift today!