Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery - Fund Descriptions

A. Viviano Art Therapy (34016-BH2BC8) In memory of Angela Viviano. For cost of art therapy materials and possibly instructional labor for in-house patients.

Greatest Need (34016-BH2BA1) Donations are restricted for the funding of projects, programs and capital needs that directly benefit Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery, as determined by leadership.

Halfway House Capital Campaign (34016-BH2BC9) Gifts support the construction of the new halfway houses at Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery. Funds are for the sole purpose of construction (hard and soft costs); remaining funds will be used for the support of the new halfway houses.

Health Professional Recovery (34016-BH2BB5) Provides scholarships to meet the needs of health professionals for whom additional treatment is recommended by their clinical team but who do not have insurance or sufficient means for payment.

Patient Aftercare Extended Fund (34016-BH2BA5) Provides scholarships to meet the aftercare needs of patients such as the halfway houses and other ongoing support.

Staff Continuing Education Fund (34016-BH2BB8) Covers expenses and supplies for associates to attend higher education classes that will benefit their careers at Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery.