Your Dollars at Work - Feb. 2021

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New ultrasound machine leads to better care for patients

Your gifts helped purchase a new ultrasound machine at Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital through the “Greatest Need” fund. Improved visuals on this machine make patient evaluation more efficient and safer during procedures. The new ultrasound machine is being used in the critical care setting to help with procedures such as: IV access (helps guide the needle); thoracentesis (to remove fluid from between the lungs and chest wall); paracentesis (removal of fluid from abdominal cavity), and echo tests (pictures of heart valves and chambers to evaluate pumping action of the heart).

Associate Testimonial:
The new ultrasound machine has been a considerable contribution to the improvement of care in the ICU. We have used this on crashing patients and during codes, and it has led to improved outcomes.” Kathy Scrapa, Nurse Manager - ICU

(Fund: Ascension Macomb-Oakland Greatest Capital Needs Fund)

New reclining chairs provide greater comfort and increased patient satisfaction

Sixty new recliner chairs were delivered to patient rooms on eight nursing units at Ascension Providence Hospital, Novi. The new chairs were made possible when the Ascension Providence Foundation Board of Trustees approved the purchase through “board-designated funds.”

Nursing staff and patients are thrilled with the new chairs. Several patients told staff members how comfortable the chairs are and how much they like the colors. The chairs also enhance safety when transferring patients from the bed to the chair because the chair arms drop down completely out of the way. Each chair serves one patient a day. Based on the longevity of having a chair in use for seven years, one chair could serve 2,555 patients. Fun fact: On the day the chairs were delivered, nurses had a good time trying them out and learning all the features.

(Fund: Ascension Providence Hospital, Novi)

Four mammography interpretation workstations upgraded at Ascension Providence imaging centers

Donations helped upgrade four mammography interpretation workstations at Ascension Providence Hospital, Southfield and Novi campuses, and at the Livonia Imaging Center.

The new workstations have upgraded hardware and software and feature enhanced monitors for increased visualization of mammograms and an upgrade of the existing software platform. The new monitors have double the megapixels, which increases clarity and helps aid in the diagnosis of benign and malignant breast disease.
Radiologists have demonstrated increased efficiency and improved accuracy in their interpretations while using the new workstations. The workstations are faster than the old ones, and image transmission is seamless, without lag time for review.

(Fund: Ascension Providence Hospital, Southfield and Novi)